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Our Services

Preventive Care & Immunization

Regular routine exams, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and flea prevention are the best ways to prevent some of the more common, but just as serious, illnesses that occur in pets. Let us help get your pet on a schedule of wellness to keep them feeling their best.


Dental hygiene is just as important for dogs' and cats' overall health as it is in humans. We encourage regular cleanings and are also able to perform some minor surgical procedures if they are needed.


We provide routine surgical procedures in our hospital. Should the need for a more complicated or specialized surgery arise, we are able to refer our clients to Board Certified Surgeons.

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine problems can range from intestinal upset to kidney disease, diabetes to endocrine problems, etc. We are here to diagnose and treat these problems to get your pet back to feeling better.


We use the latest Digital Radiology, which allows us to have radiograph results faster and with more detail. It also gives us the ability to electronically transmit those radiographs to a board certified radiologist or specialist, if needed.

In-House Lab Services

Our hospital has the ability to run routine blood work in-hospital. When a patient is sick or injured, it allows us to reach a diagnosis faster and begin treatment sooner. We are also able to perform pre-surgical screenings, yearly health screenings, and senior pet screenings.

Prescription Diets

We carry prescription and wellness diets for our clients, which include Hill’s Brand Science Diet and Royal Canine IVD diets.


Williamsburg Animal Clinic has a completely indoor, air-conditioned boarding facility. We have cages and runs available in various sizes for our canine boarders. We also provide boarding for our feline patients, and we do our best to keep them away from the dogs in a separate area during their stay, so that they are not in a stressful environment. We are more than happy to accommodate any special needs that may be required by your pet.

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